Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who manages the Maastricht University Gift Shop?

The UM Shop is managed by UniGear. UniGear is a specialist in sustainable merchandise for educational institutions in the Netherlands and Belgium.

2. Can I buy merchandise on the Maastricht University campus?

Yes, this is possible. You can buy merchandise at the Student Services Centre (SSC), Bonnefantenstraat 2 Maastricht. Stock is limited. On every product page in the webshop, you can see whether the product is sold at the SSC. For information on available stock, pls. contact the point of sale.

3. When and how can UniGear be reached?

UniGear can be reached by telephone on working days from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm via +31 (0)85 08 05 815 or by e-mail to You can also contact us via the contact form.

4. How long does it take before I receive a response from UniGear?

UniGear strives for a response time to an e-mail of 1 working day. A request for a cost estimate will be confirmed within 1 working day. The cost estimate itself will be sent within 2 working days.


Order & payment

5. How do I order products via the webshop?

Select your products and add them to your shopping cart. Once everything has been added, click on the shopping cart and then on the 'Proceed to checkout' button. Fill in the shipping and billing address. In case the shipping address is the same as the billing address, you can select this option. Fill in a voucher or discount code if you have one. Select the shipping method and preferred payment method:

- Payment of personal orders: choose iDeal or Paypal. After completing all fields, click on 'Place order' after which you will automatically be transferred to the selected payment environment. After completing the payment, you will receive an order confirmation of the placed order via e-mail.

- Payment of Maastricht University employees with a 'budgetnummer': choose 'budgetnummer' (budget number) as payment method and fill in the 'budgetnummer'. Click on 'Place order'. You will receive an order confirmation of the placed order via e-mail. The invoice will be sent to the financial administration of Maastricht University. This is only possible for mandated buyers with deliveries at an address of Maastricht University.

At the sales point of the Student Services Centre (Bonnefantenstraat 2) you can buy products directly. You can pay via debit card or credit card. In some exeptional cases you can order on a budget code for Maastricht University there as well.

Click on the payment method page for more information about payment options.

6. How do I redeem my voucher or discount code?

Follow the above process, but before you click on 'Place order', first enter the voucher code/discount code you received. Do this in the 'Enter discount code' field and then click 'Apply'.

Please note! After confirming the discount code, you cannot return to the previous field. If you do this, the discount code/voucher code will be seen as previously used and can no longer be used. If you have redeemed the discount code/voucher code, you will see this in the final amount of the shopping cart. Then click on 'Place Order' and complete the order according to the instructions above.

7. Can I order products with an extra imprint?

It is possible to personalize products with a name or logo/text. You can send a request for this to and we will contact you.

8. Can I also order products in large quantities?

Yes, it is possible to order large quantities. Please contact us via, we are happy to help you. 

9. Can I also order products that are not in the webshop?

Yes, customization is certainly possible. Please contact for more information or visit our custom made website for inspiration and a cost estimate request on products in addition to our standard assortment.

10. I have a complicated order, can you help me?

Unigear has a lot of experience in the field of merchandise. If you would like personal advice for your order, you can contact us by telephone on working days from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm via +31 (0)85 08 05 815 or by e-mail to You can also contact us via the contact form. We are happy to help you.



11. What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs of your order depend on the country where you want to receive the order. Click on the shipping costs page for more information.

12. What is the delivery time for my order?

After placing the order, it is automatically processed in our warehouse system and the order will be shipped within 48 hours, unless stated otherwise. You will receive an e-mail via the warehouse with the shipping confirmation and subsequently an e-mail with the track & trace code(s) of the order.

13. Can I pick up the order somewhere else?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to deliver a product to a pick-up point or PO box number. The order will always be sent to a physical address that needs to be filled in in the delivery address at checkout. You can purchase the products at the Student Services Centre (SSC) directly. On every product page you can see where the product is sold. Pls. contact the SSC for information on available stock.

14. I live abroad, can I also receive my order there?

You can also receive the order abroad. The shipping costs and delivery time depend on the country where you want to receive the order.

Exchange & returns

15. Can I exchange or return items?

Yes that is possible. Click on the exchange & returns page for more information. Return shipping costs are at your own expense.

16. What should I do if I have received an incorrect or damaged item or if I have another complaint about a product?

If you receive an incorrect order, incorrect item, damaged item or have any other complaint, please contact us immediately via e-mail: We will make sure the problem is solved as quickly as possible.


17. What are the washing instructions for UniGear clothing?

To keep the print beautiful, it is best to wash your clothing inside out at a temperature of no more than 40 degrees. Do not put the clothes in the dryer and do not iron over the print, but on the inside. Avoid chemicals while cleaning your clothes.

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